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Feb 17, 2013
@ 10:26 pm

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Reese & Finch argue over Finch going under cover. As a last ditch effort Reese says Finch needs to stay home with Bear.

At first Harold’s staring at him like John’s lost his mind, but then his expression narrows into concentration, and John has the uncomfortable feeling he’s just become a problem to be solved, when as far as he’s concerned, it’s pretty straightforward: he’s changed his mind about having Harold in the field, especially in a situation like this; he’s not talking about sneaking into someone’s apartment, he’s planning to put himself out there as the hacker the gang is trying to hire. 

The risk is unacceptably high: John’s not going to have Harold spending several days in close proximity to five killers while he’s on the outside, too far away, and if he has to order Bear to pen Harold into the library to keep him from putting himself in that position, he will. 

It’s purely rational, whether Harold likes it or not, and John clenches his jaw and gives him a flat look, refusing to bend, even while a cold knot is building in the pit of his stomach at the processing he can see going on behind Harold’s eyes; and then Harold says softly, “John — ” and slowly, terribly, reaches to put his hand on John’s face. 

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