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Feb 17, 2013
@ 11:14 pm

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PoI prompt: Reese attempts to date! Like. A real person.

Reese knows he can’t have a relationship, not without compromising himself, but he thinks maybe he can have something — a nice dinner out, a little conversation, making out in a dark booth or getting asked up for coffee and casual sex.

He tries, but the only thing he manages to get is the casual sex; any woman who tries to have a conversation hits the wall of his secrets and silence, and the only ones who stay interested are looking for a strings-free one night stand. And he does like the sex, at first, but when he realizes it’s all he can have, it starts to taste like ash.

He breaks off the last date abruptly, in the foyer of her apartment building, and on some homing instinct walks thirty blocks north and four blocks crosstown in five-below windchill, back to the library. He goes upstairs blowing on his hands; Harold is there, making himself a fresh cup of tea. He looks at John and doesn’t ask, just nods and takes down a second mug, and John blindly crosses the room to him, without conscious thought, and finds heat and lingering sweetness in his mouth.

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