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Jun 16, 2012
@ 9:08 pm

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not-a-story: Trinary


A commission for leupagus, who asked for Loki and Jane drinking coffee.

I can only assume that this is what Loki meant by “paying her a visit himself.”

So I saw this pic and instantly the post-Avengers story leapt into my head where Thor and Jane have now been dating for a while and Jane has begun to grimly suspect that she is repeating her last failed relationship with a fabulously-built and heroic lifesaving guy nevertheless unable to sustain an ordinary human relationship (though admittedly Thor has more excuse than Don did).

And then Loki who has just fought his way out of his magical prison on Asgard and is even MORE crazed than he was before shows up on earth to kill her, but he is of course not just going to KILL her, he is going to take his time and learn what frightens her most and delve deeply into her secrets and figure out how to kill her in the way that will hurt Thor the most, so…

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